Monday, August 29, 2011

Amy Merrick.

I absolutely LOVE flowers. Who doesn't I suppose?

Peonies, David Austin roses, daphne, snowdrops, magnolias, gardenias. Oh so many.

My darling Mum has a huge garden, filled with so many treasures, especially roses - her favourite, specifically one called 'Albertine'.

Anyway, for, well my whole life, she's made me don gumboots and traipse around said garden smelling this flower, then that flower. Admiring this perfume, then that perfume. Now that I am past the rebellion of succumbing to the glory of flowers, I'm so appreciative that the folks have a garden full of such beautiful buds and scents. It's quite magical.

So, my new-old-found love of flowers was given another boost when my friend Ro introduced me to Brooklyn florist Amy Merrick. Oh golly.

Another reason to love New York. Another reason to love flowers.

You absolutely have to visit Amy's blog, An Apple a Day as well. Hell, break out the scotch fingers to dunk in your tea while you read it. Heaven.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Have yourself a Graceful weekend.

My loves, spring is in the air.

It's so, so glorious, I can smell so much promise of an amazing summer.

The cherry blossoms are blooming everywhere, bringing so much happiness.

So, this weekend I'm going to channel Grace. Lightness, joy, laughter and quiet excitement.

I'm going for a long early-morning walk with my darling friend, Sam, tomorrow morning.

Then to a beautiful-sounding cafe called Robyn's Nest in Elwood in the afternoon...

Before seeing one of my most-loved people, Jess, in the evening at a birthday party.

I speak to Jess on average, oh, four times per day. She brings daily joy to my life; and that of many others. And I haven't seen her for nearly 6 months, a long time sans face time with a dear one.

Hence the smiles. And the joy. And Grace.

Have a glorious time yourself. Pick some blossoms. Make a tea cake. And call a friend who you cherish but don't call enough.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

High Country Party.

I went up to Victoria's 'High Country' last night for a rollicking dress-up party.  I went as Snugglepot from Snugglepot and Cuddlepie.  No, you can't see pictures.

During the day I went to a local country footy match, helped to drape streamers, and tried to rug up against the cold.  It was heartwarming.

I hope your Saturday eves were also filled with joy.

(pic via ExploreOz)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Isson Eyewear.

If these pics are anything to go by, this coming spring/summer collection from Aussie eyewear brand, Isson, is due to be its best yet.

I absolutely love the colourful shades in the second pic (and the too-gorgeous pug of course!)

Bring on spring...

Friday, August 12, 2011


Today has been bathed in the most glorious sunshine.  I've been working in my outside 'office': a vintage table at the corner of our verandah overlooking the garden and down to the creek below.  The birds have been having the most fantastic party all day, clearly loving the beautiful taste of spring.

I had crusty toast with jam homemade by my new friend Rohan, I admired the flowers on four different varieties of camelia trees, listened to Felix Riebl's new solo CD, stacked some wood in the shed to prepare for the next bout of cold and caught up all of that pesky Friday admin so I can enjoy the weekend without any niggling worries.

Bliss.  I hope your weekends are filled with some form of sunshine, real or otherwise.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Lately I've been thinking quite a lot about friendship. 

I love to spend a lot of time in my own space but sometimes it is lovely to share moments with others, isn't it?

I've been spending a lot of time lately with some treasured friends. New friends, old friends, semi-friends, ex-friends, much loved friends.

Somehow, I'm very lucky that most of my favourite people seem to have gravitated back to the same little sphere that I am currently inhabiting.

It's joyful.

I hope you also have wonderful friends. Hold them close next time you hug.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


My loves. I've missed you for the past few days.

The past week has been busy and involved, unfortunately, extended periods without the internets. But, here I am, a lil bit tired, and perhaps slightly frazzled.

I rode a horse called Zappa.

I sang along to the radio all the way to Melbourne.

I danced like a small child who has no rhythm but still thinks she is amazing to Mexican-inspired music on Saturday night.

But, I didn't do the limbo.

I had a Passiona spider in a moment of hangover weakness on Sunday. And LOVED every sip.

I laughed, and laughed and laughed.

So, although my little eyes are a wee bit tired and I'm losing my voice, the my spirit-lights inside are still shining very, very bright.

My heart is full. I hope yours is too.

Night night.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Saipua: soap + flowers.

I still dream about my bathroom at the Mercer Hotel, a favourite of the many, many hotel bathrooms I've experienced in my time travelling for work.

I don't think I'm alone in often thinking, 'Ooooooh if only I was in New York.' A sentiment unfortunately made worse by my arts-soaked friend Pip's constant Facebook updates on her fabulous New York escapades.

And, a sentiment made worse by my constant NY-based finds, including Brooklyn-based florist and soapmaker, Saipua.

Luckily I packed quite a few bars when I came back from the US in February but one day I out. To hard to think about right now. Change the subject!

One upside of Saipua...they do travel anywhere to do floristry work.

But you have to pay for it...


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Festival of Dangerous Ideas.

Drumroll! Presenting....the Festival of Dangerous Ideas 2011. Isn't it so fabulously titled?

I missed the Sydney Opera Houses's inaugural FDI last year but I certainly don't plan on being left out this year, not when one of my absolute favourites - Jonathan Safran Foer - will be jetting over the seas.

Throw the 'world's most dangerous man' Julian Assange and everyone's pretend favourite mad uncle, Alexander McCall-Smith into the mix and it's shaping up to be a ripper weekend.

Festival of Dangerous Ideas, 1-2 October 2011
Sydney Opera House, Australia

(Safran Foer image via AV Club)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Lizzie's Chop.

I love watching this video. I can watch it over and over again.

A couple of weeks ago my darling friend Lizzie cut off all her hair. She did as a show of support for her darling friend Holly who is facing the horrible big C.

Although she looks smoking hot at the end of this vid, I'm sure you can understand it was a big decision. Lizzie had never cut her hair (apart from trims).

Lizzie's brother Ben filmed the experience and it has since had over 4,000 views on Vimeo. He kindly uploaded it on You Tube for me so I could share it with you lot :)

Wonderfully, donations for the hospice where Holly is being treated have already doubled Lizzie's initial target.

There are many worthy causes in the world. If you think this one deserves a few of your hard-earned pennies you can donate here.

Otherwise, just watch it and send Holly some love and strength and Lizzie some yahoooos.

Would you shave your head/go super short for a good cause?