Friday, May 31, 2013

Stormy weather.

Hello lovers.  I've been thinking about you.

I've been thinking of this space.  So often. About how and why I have left it for so long.  It has been strange and I can't tell you how happy I am to be tapping on the keys and watching these words come to life.

How are you?

Oh, where to begin.  With whatever feels right, right?

Well, tonight the skies over Melbourne are purging.  They have literally just opened their arms and gone for it.  It is bucketing down.  I'm sitting at my dining table with very tired eyes but a beautifully happy mind.

I went to the most extraordinary concert tonight - a dear friend from an old life has become this remarkable singing healer. In a nutshell it involved lying on yoga mats for two hours drifting in and out of consciousness while someone I adore sang the most incredible tribal and Indigenous music.  It was extraordinary.  Very primal and very stunning.

When I emerged, far more tiny-yet-more-put-together than when I went in, I discovered it was wet.  Seriously wet. But, one challenging car ride later, I'm home; about to be tucked up in my cosy bed and hopefully dreaming sweet dreams.

I love the rain.  And I love adventures on Melbourne's streets.  Tonight brought both in their finest form.  And so I've come back to you.

I'm a hugely private person and a highly introverted processor of thoughts. And I've been mulling this need for blogging over in my mind for the past few days after a great conversation with dear friends over winter wines and mushroom croquettes.

Our online lives often become little slices of our real personas and so many of us only show our best possible side, untagging unflattering photos and carefully constructing a character who is forever content and breezily nonchalant.  I've been thinking of that a bit since and I've realised that while I retreat when shit is going down but I also find that I come to online spaces when I want to share something quite deep and real, whether it's a link or a thought or a funny picture; there's a meaning to it.

And I specifically come to this space with a quiet yet full mind.  And I've come to enjoy the chance to purge a little, like Melbourne's skies.  Not with any desire for feedback or attention but just as a comfort, as a processing ritual.  I never know whether anyone really reads it - it could be just people searching for hot shots of Lou Doillon (hey, she's smokin').

Even if you really are a human reading these messy words, it's still kind of anonymous.  And, just maybe, one of you is feeling the same thing at the same time.  How lovely.

I like it.  And I've missed it.  I'll be back more often, I promise.

In other news I've been listening to a Sydney muso quite a bit on my sabbatical.  His name is Oscar Lush.  I thought you may like to discover his beauty as well.

Above image by James Thomas.