Saturday, March 31, 2012

Scullery Made Tea.

Well today is clearly all about tea. I've been swooning over the gorgeous range from Scullery Made Tea, based in the beautiful Barossa Valley in South Australia.

I'm going to order a bunch of em, I love the sound of 'Rainwater Mint' - heavenly!

(top pic via ABC)

Jam and tea.

Oh. Wow. I am sleeeeeepy. I love impromptu celebrations, in fact, they're my favourite type of party and last night's with Sarah and Andy and Jules went into the wee hours of this morning.

So, my dear cousin Cherry helped with my recovery, bringing her trademark easy smile and news that my red-riding-hood cape for winter was in production under the watch of her fine couturier eye.

We made tea and toast with jam (C had Whole Larder Love's blackberry, I had Mum's raspberry) - I even broke out my special palomino cups which are never used.

Happy Saturday, dream catchers.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Anais Mitchell.

Brilliant new discovery. Enjoy m'loves. xo.

Creative Collaborations.

So you may remember Shanna Murray from my gushing post last year? She is such a beautiful illustrator.

Well, get excited, because she has teamed up with two of my other favourite brands, Pigeon Toe Ceramics and woodturners n bakers Herriott Grace and produced some super-smashing stuff.

Creative collaborations on crack. Everything will sell out. If you get them before me, there will be consequences.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mixed Business.

I love love love love love this gorgeous Melbourne cafe - Mixed Business in Clifton Hill, Melbourne.

This old general store is actually *gasp* probably my favourite Melbourne refuel spot. And it is home to Sarah's favourite cafe table apparently. See how delighted she is sitting at it?! We popped in briefly for some sustenance on the way to passata day.

Wanna meet up there for a chai on Friday? Text me, ok?

p.s. if you're the owner of the blue-shirted arm in the pic next to Sarah then you were really cute (and your friend was too but I thought you were the cuter one, Chellis thought it was even).

p.p.s thanks for asking to sit at our table.

(all pics by me except for the last one, thankyou YOLO)


I saw this hilarious and heartbreaking (in even parts, seriously) film the other day. Absolutely worth a night away from your terrarium. Be prepared to laugh out loud, a lot, and cry softly.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Jazz dinners.

Oh I'm kind of sleepy tonight. Bed is calling.

I had such a glorious weekend. On Saturday Chellis and I went exploring around Melbourne town, trying on jumpsuits, raving about Ellie Malin's balloon prints and discussing pros and cons of shades of yellow in art shops. And I spent hours immersed in lists and spreadsheets (in a good way...if that's possible).

Then last night I entered a world of hanging ships, a courtyard filled with pebbles, a grand piano and *so* much food. I went to a super special jazz dinner at Melbourne seafood restaurant Claypots...ooooooooh. I wish I had two stomachs. And there may have been terrariums. Eep!

Tonight I chose cider over yoga (oooooo naughty!) and my darlin cousin and new business partner-in-crime Cherry is having a ladypad sleepover. Stupendous eve.

Yawn. Toodlepip! xo

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Me, and the Deep Blue...

Little One and I went swimming this morning. 

Although the pool in an inner-city Melbourne leisure centre wasn't quite as breathtaking as this, it was joyous to hit a rhythm and have the water washing all around.

What a way to start the morning. Bliss.

Happy Wednesday, spunks. x

(pic by Corey Arnold)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jamie Gaunt.

You know this man well and you don't even know it. He is my dear friend Jamie Gaunt: pseudo-brother-in-law, one half of the MMs and creator of my little bird that greets you at the top of this page each time you come and check on my ramblings.

He has just popped a whole heap of amazing prints up on his Etsy shop for you to drool over, covet and, perhaps, buy.

Ooooo the mind boggles.

Monday, March 12, 2012


I'm still reliving the magic of the weekend. Here are some more pics of Butterland - Greg + Katie's paradise in regional Victoria which they generously opened up for Passata Day.

I hope the week is starting well for you my dears!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

On The Road.

Passata Day.

Oh dear, my lil eyes are a wee bit tired as I write this. Yawn. Yesterday Sarah, Andy and I trekked to Newstead, an hour or so out of Melbourne to make passata with Ro and friends.

We were graciously and grandly hosted at Butterland by the wonderful Greg and Katie.

Ooooo it was so much fun. Sarah's face in pic #3 really sums up the whole day.

Happy Sunday, sweeties.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Sarah Kay.

Sarah Kay is so annoyingly talented. I love her.

The 22-year-old spoken-word poet's 2011 TED talk inspired two standing ovations. Watch it here, it's mesmerising.

She is coming to Australia with her poet-partner-in-crime, Phil Kaye, in a mere few weeks and is doing a special one-night-only performance in Melbourne! Hurrah!

Tickets are available here.

New dawns.

Oh it's Friday!

Yesterday was a bit wild with back-to-work crazy workness but then, of course, blissfully topped off by the incomparable Bon Iver.

But it's a long weekend here in Melbourne so lots of languid recovery time.

Tonight I'm having a crazy delicious dinner with Sarah and the gang. Then it's passata making time with team Ro in a butter factory! AARGH! Before some more Olinda love on Sunday and Monday.

Why don't you spend some time reading something new over the next few days? I will too. Then we can trade story stories, ok?

Bon Iver Melbourne love.

Tonight I saw Bon Iver play their biggest show ever, apparently. It was breathtaking, utterly magnificent.

The musicality, the arrangements, the unbelievably respectful crowd. During re: Stacks you could have heard a pin drop, something unheard of at an outdoor gig of 12,000 odd punters.

A testament to an extraordinary man-band and the absolute dedication of their fans.

Three years ago I saw the smaller Bon Iver outfit play at the Sydney Recital Hall. It was delicate, beautiful and small.

Tonight's show was epic.

The sky bruised into a dusty pink as one lone star chased a near-full moon. And a bat, or three, flew across in front. People sang, danced, cried, swayed, bounced and loved...or maybe that was just me.

My eyes are tired, loves, but my heart is very, very full.

Night, night.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kinfolk Dinners.

Oh, it's moments like these that I lament the distance of my gorgeous country from so many other places in this vast world.

One of my favourite new magazines, Kinfolk, is currently on a 12-city tour for its dinner series and this Brooklyn space (the Green Building) was transformed into a beautiful gastronomic and idea-filled haven.

The joy, the joy!

(Pics via Kinfolk and Sunday Suppers)

Olinda Love.

Well, the rain has been pretty much relentless. Apart from the incredible heartache that it's causing countless people around the country, with floods threatening homes and lives, I have actually loved the wet summer.

This past weekend I escaped to the tree-filled paradise known as Olinda where the MMs live - a town in the Dandenong Ranges mountain district about an hour from Melbourne.

Jamie has been diligently drawing new birds for a special top-secret project and Little One kept me entertained with hilarious skits that involved headbands and nasal spray. And I powered through quite a busy to-do list, always a relief!

I'm going back this weekend :)