Thursday, May 31, 2012

Liz Stringer.

My winter soundtrack for the past week or so has been the utterly divine 'Warm the Darkness' by incredible Melbourne singer-songwriter, Liz Stringer.

You can listen to my current most-loved track, Stay With Me, here below. Golly I love a good tearjerker.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I love this video of bespoke English tailors Cad & The Dandy at work. 'Twas made by my talented friends Ben and Jack at The Big Sky.

I'm constantly dismayed at our world's obsession with fast, quick, cheap products. Take me back to the good ole days when things were s l o w.

Our farmers are screwed by our supermarkets, our clothes are made for pennies in horrible working conditions offshore and yet we still feed the fire.

Bespoke. Slow. Real. Authentic. Couture. Handmade. Local. These are words I like.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Northern Weddings.

I've just returned home to (southern) Melbourne after a few days waaaay up north in Port Douglas for the wedding of two very special people.

It was one of the most relaxed weddings I have ever attended. There were no zilla suffixes anywhere to be seen. Just lots of good vibes, pinging all over the place.

And why would there be any drama given this amazing setting?

To L&G, who currently call Africa home: it was such a treat to have you back for the big day, we'll keep the shores warm and the beer cold for your future (and, hopefully, more permanent) homecoming.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Floating Farmhouse.

I've already shared some winter thoughts with you, I know. But this would take winter happiness to a whole new level don't you think?

Another dream house to add to the list. This is absolutely unbelievable. Located in upstate NY, the 200 year old farmhouse has been restored to a new level of glory.

Perhaps Bon Iver and I will move in there after our marriage (taking inspiration from these loons).

(via Wolf Eyebrows)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jazz Posters.

Just home from a terrific evening of jazz, watching legendary pianist Steve Sedergreen at work, supported by a huge 10-piece band.

How great is this poster?

Rad Weekends.

Well.  Last weekend was a red weekend, and this one was a rad one.  

It was a weekend shared with good *scratch that* GREAT, friends.  Full of parties, milestones, celebrations.  On Friday eve I took my new little red riding hood cape out on the town to a sparkplug-friend's 30th before stealing the night at Sarah's going away party (can you believe she's leaving me for 4 months?) 

The MMs spent the weekend in the city as well, joining in the shenanigans and adventures.  After recovering from Sarah's party (with some struggling more than others) we pulled on our party hats once again for a first birthday party.   It's funny to think of how many parties we have all gone to over our years and little Tad has just experienced his first.  And then in the eve I celebrated Lizzie's last days of being a single lady (uh oh oh a uh oh oh). 

So, now I'm feeling a wee bit tired!  Time for some hibernation before an evening of jazz. Ahhhh. 

(pic via The Yard)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


US-made magazine Kinfolk has stormed onto the international market with an amazing amount of buzz and hype around the internets. You also may have seen pics from some of their amazing dinners held around the States.

They have just announced a final (and limited) reprint of Volume 1 - if you want to complete your collection or grab a copy to read for the first time, now is the time to do it!

Monday, May 14, 2012

True Blood Season 5.

C'mon already!!! Cannot wait for this.

Red Weekends.

I popped home to the farm for the weekend. And, man, it was all about trees and leaves. Gosh, the colours were so amazing. Yellows and greens and reds - EVERYWHERE my wee eyes looked.

But it was that minx, red, that stole the show. Mum proudly boasted about her beautiful red rose (the last of the season apparently) while Dad found a fairy mushroom hiding at the bottom of the garden.

I spent the weekend reading health books searching for various nuggets of inspiration for my current detox and taking pics of my antiques which will be ready to sell SOON!

ps - that is our giant oak in the middle pic - it turns 100 this year!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Musical evening.

Ooooo loves I'm off to see my mate Jack Carty play tonight in Melbourne. The folks are down, and are coming too (coolest parents ever?) and so is Little One who is in town for a ladypad sleepover. I'm tres excited! So we're going to smash some pub food first then hit the gig.

What a cheeky Tuesday!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A day for Hayley.

I spent *a lot* of the day thinking of a dear, dear friend: the stunning, statuesque Hayley who is celebrating her 30th birthday today, too many miles north of where I am. This is her the day after my Colours of the Wind party, looking gorgeous, as only she can post-wild-party.

Love, and much more, to come when we're next together Ms. R. xoxo,

Darling Hills.

Oh, hey. 

I thought you may find this as blissful as I did. It's a perfect soundtrack to a drizzly Sunday. 
The track is called Darling Hills and it's by a lad called Joe McKee. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

New Shanna Murray.

Oh, yes yes yes yes!! One of my favourite illustrators, Shanna Murray, has popped some new goodies in her shop.

Go forth and fossick babes.

Happy Friday.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Romance was Born + Marvel Comics.

Oh, maaaaaaaan.

Some of my favourite looks from my stupidly-talented mates' label, Romance was Born, who opened Australian Fashion Week a couple of days ago. This collection was a collaboration with Marvel Comics.

They continue to blow my mind, every single year. Beyond awesome. Kapow!

(pics via Vogue)


I used to live here. Seriously. I used to live across the road from this majestic beach, known simply as Bondi.

Right now, down south in complex Melbourne, winter is creeping in a little more with each passing day. This morning Little One and I did our weekly swim and we had to drink our tea and eat our little brekkie snack in the car, for the skies were openly weeping on our regular spot in the park.

I love winter. Seriously. And summer, of course, but people are always dissing winter so I feel the need to say right now that I do, truly, love that crazy cat and all of the crazy shit she throws at us.

For me, there is nothing more peaceful than waking up to a mother storm belting down; hearing the rain incessantly begging at my bedroom window.

That said, for some reason she has been on my mind lately, that sneaky little Bondi. As beautiful in winter as she is in summer. Just with less people.

(pic by Eugene Tan, famed Bondi photographer)


This is funny.