Monday, August 29, 2011

Amy Merrick.

I absolutely LOVE flowers. Who doesn't I suppose?

Peonies, David Austin roses, daphne, snowdrops, magnolias, gardenias. Oh so many.

My darling Mum has a huge garden, filled with so many treasures, especially roses - her favourite, specifically one called 'Albertine'.

Anyway, for, well my whole life, she's made me don gumboots and traipse around said garden smelling this flower, then that flower. Admiring this perfume, then that perfume. Now that I am past the rebellion of succumbing to the glory of flowers, I'm so appreciative that the folks have a garden full of such beautiful buds and scents. It's quite magical.

So, my new-old-found love of flowers was given another boost when my friend Ro introduced me to Brooklyn florist Amy Merrick. Oh golly.

Another reason to love New York. Another reason to love flowers.

You absolutely have to visit Amy's blog, An Apple a Day as well. Hell, break out the scotch fingers to dunk in your tea while you read it. Heaven.


  1. Aw, thank you so much Frances. Any friend of Ro is a friend of mine!

  2. Oh Amy, seriously. Too amazing you are! And yes, Ro is a blog rockstar...hmm...brockstar? Keep doing beautiful things!!