Sunday, January 22, 2012

Saturday wine n music.

When you live in the city it's easy for Saturday nights to become drinks at a local bar or a standard dinner party.  Activities which are both super-fun and things I love to do, but last night we mixed things up a bit.  

My darling friend Chellis and I hit the road and drove an hour and a half south of Melbourne to the wine region on the Peninsula.  At T'Gallant winery we feasted on so much delicious Italian food while we watched the unbelievable classical/latin guitarist Sergio Ercole perform with some special guests.    

As we were leaving the stars were beaming, reminding us to leave the city's familiar surrounds for more new adventures.  And I need to enrol in some kid of latin dance class, the music is still doing a loop in my head! 

It was just bliss my loves, absolute bliss.  So, here's to exciting new Saturday nights and beautiful relaxing Sundays.  Ok, off to brunch!

(pic via My Food Trail)

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  1. It's great to get out of the city.....glad to hear you had a great trip