Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Little thoughts.

Sleep isn't coming easily tonight loves.  I hope you're all slumbering peacefully and snoring softly.  But, alas, my mind won't quieten down.  What about this?  Oooo have you thought about that?  You totally forgot to do that didn't you?

Ah, it's great to feel alive, to have responsibilities and dreams and passions and thoughts and ideas.  But sometimes it's also good to just, you know, sleep. 

So I'm going to visualise my thoughts as little sticks, all lined up like small soldiers, ready to be dealt with one-by-one and not a moment before I'm ready.  And, definitely not until morning.

Time to try again. 

Sweet dreams. 


  1. White Rabbits in the summer heat perhaps? Because I had trouble sleeping too...I will try the sticks tonight. Lovely image. x

  2. It worked! I just lined up my horrid little yappy thoughts and told them to sit and wait while I drifted off :) xxx

  3. Poor bugger. I get many a sleepless nights. It's when I catch up on email....;-)