Sunday, January 15, 2012

It was a typewriter!

I spent this afternoon with one of my most treasured people in this vast, strange world.  As I mentioned this morning it was my dear, dear friend Sarah's birthday today and her incredible mama made her a Women's Weekly birthday cake.

For those of you not inhabiting our great Southern land, the Australian Women's Weekly is our grandmother of magazines and during the 70s and 80s the Weekly cake book was a staple in kitchens around the country.

The cakes were ridiculous (ly amazing) and were requested by kids all over the country.  Even my wholemeal flour/carob/no preservatives loving mother allowed us a couple over the years.

And so, today, in her 30s, a certain big-little-girl relived glorious moments many moons ago (see first pic) and scored herself a typewriter.  All the more poignant given that said super-talented girl is a ridiculously talented (and published) writer.  Yes, it was as deliciously sugary as you would expect.  Yummmmy!!  

Happy birthday darling unicorn Sarah.  Thankyou for babysitting my plants, buying me countless trinkets I don't need but have to have, loving hydrangeas, adoring craziness, adopting my parents, being the best wingwoman a gal can have, holding the tissues, keeping my secrets, sitting in the passenger seat and, most of all, for coming home. 

And here's to 2006.  Of all of the publishing houses in all of the world you had to walk into mine.


  1. What a joy to have you touch my life. What lavish praise! Good wingwoman is all I'll take though - I'm a bloody great wingwoman. Thanks for making my birthday so wonderful. I'm not sure how to thank you for every other impossiblecrdible (real word) things you've shared and given me over the years. Long email to follow. xx and x

  2. AAARRRHH you mean Sally....or was it Sue.

    Either way from the few hours we hung out see did a great job of convincing me that she's a very rad little chick. Happy Birthday to Sally...Sue....Sarah