Friday, March 9, 2012

Bon Iver Melbourne love.

Tonight I saw Bon Iver play their biggest show ever, apparently. It was breathtaking, utterly magnificent.

The musicality, the arrangements, the unbelievably respectful crowd. During re: Stacks you could have heard a pin drop, something unheard of at an outdoor gig of 12,000 odd punters.

A testament to an extraordinary man-band and the absolute dedication of their fans.

Three years ago I saw the smaller Bon Iver outfit play at the Sydney Recital Hall. It was delicate, beautiful and small.

Tonight's show was epic.

The sky bruised into a dusty pink as one lone star chased a near-full moon. And a bat, or three, flew across in front. People sang, danced, cried, swayed, bounced and loved...or maybe that was just me.

My eyes are tired, loves, but my heart is very, very full.

Night, night.

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