Monday, March 19, 2012

Jazz dinners.

Oh I'm kind of sleepy tonight. Bed is calling.

I had such a glorious weekend. On Saturday Chellis and I went exploring around Melbourne town, trying on jumpsuits, raving about Ellie Malin's balloon prints and discussing pros and cons of shades of yellow in art shops. And I spent hours immersed in lists and spreadsheets (in a good way...if that's possible).

Then last night I entered a world of hanging ships, a courtyard filled with pebbles, a grand piano and *so* much food. I went to a super special jazz dinner at Melbourne seafood restaurant Claypots...ooooooooh. I wish I had two stomachs. And there may have been terrariums. Eep!

Tonight I chose cider over yoga (oooooo naughty!) and my darlin cousin and new business partner-in-crime Cherry is having a ladypad sleepover. Stupendous eve.

Yawn. Toodlepip! xo

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