Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mixed Business.

I love love love love love this gorgeous Melbourne cafe - Mixed Business in Clifton Hill, Melbourne.

This old general store is actually *gasp* probably my favourite Melbourne refuel spot. And it is home to Sarah's favourite cafe table apparently. See how delighted she is sitting at it?! We popped in briefly for some sustenance on the way to passata day.

Wanna meet up there for a chai on Friday? Text me, ok?

p.s. if you're the owner of the blue-shirted arm in the pic next to Sarah then you were really cute (and your friend was too but I thought you were the cuter one, Chellis thought it was even).

p.p.s thanks for asking to sit at our table.

(all pics by me except for the last one, thankyou YOLO)

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