Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rad Weekends.

Well.  Last weekend was a red weekend, and this one was a rad one.  

It was a weekend shared with good *scratch that* GREAT, friends.  Full of parties, milestones, celebrations.  On Friday eve I took my new little red riding hood cape out on the town to a sparkplug-friend's 30th before stealing the night at Sarah's going away party (can you believe she's leaving me for 4 months?) 

The MMs spent the weekend in the city as well, joining in the shenanigans and adventures.  After recovering from Sarah's party (with some struggling more than others) we pulled on our party hats once again for a first birthday party.   It's funny to think of how many parties we have all gone to over our years and little Tad has just experienced his first.  And then in the eve I celebrated Lizzie's last days of being a single lady (uh oh oh a uh oh oh). 

So, now I'm feeling a wee bit tired!  Time for some hibernation before an evening of jazz. Ahhhh. 

(pic via The Yard)

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