Friday, December 9, 2011

Pizza Friday.

Hello frolickers.

Well, in Australia (or at least Melbourne) summer has well and truly arrived. This morning I spied my first baby tomato, peeking out from under its leafy cover as I stumbled out onto the balcony with my morning tea in hand. And boy, is it heating up. It's positively sweltering some days.

So, to celebrate summer and all its deliciousness I'm heading out tonight for homemade pizza and beer at Sarah and Andy's house.

As I'm munching away I'll no doubt be thinking of last Sunday's other pizza adventures: a visit to Ballarat to enjoy a special pizza feast cooked by my mate Ro from Whole Larder Love.

And to continue the theme...if you haven't caught Ro's five-part online cooking series on ABC Online you MUST. STAT! In fact, today's final recipe is a smoked trout pizza...

You can view the videos here.

Go on, hop to it.

Happy Friday, friends.

1 comment:

  1. The show is amazing (as was the pizza) - many thanks to you and to Ro. x