Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday, darling Monday.

Oh, hi. Happy Monday.

Did you have a wonderful weekend?

Mine was marvellously jam-packed.  After my pizza adventures with Sarah, Andy and Whitty on Friday night I had a relatively early night and got up all sparkly for yoga before I visited my newly-married friend Chellis. I was more than slightly jealous as she showed me picture after picture of her beautiful Fiji honeymoon. 

Then on Saturday eve I cooked up a scrumptious soba noodle salad for the MMs before heading out to see Melbourne band The Tiger and Me. It was a bit super-fun.

And yesterday was all about family. We celebrated my darling aunt Maggie's 60th birthday with an all-in lunch extravaganza. It was filled with joy and laughter and WAY too much food. I'm still full.

So. Today I'm going to tinker, of course, and drink tomato juice in backhanded support of my little lone fruity-vegetable babyfriend desperately growing strong on the balcony of my ladypad.

I hope you had a lovely weekend and are having an even lovelier start to your Monday.