Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Design Files Open House.

Earlier this month Melbourne hosted The Design Files Open House, a collaboration between blog-star Lucy Feagins of The Design Files and Esther Navarro-Orejon of The Project Agency.

For four days, a Fitzroy house was transformed into a design paradise and I was lucky enough to visit a few times. And, excitingly, for all of you non-Melburnians, they opened an online store as well which closes TOMORROW.

So, if you (like me) still have a few Christmas goodies to buy now is the time to get clicking. Here is what I bought yesterday...

Gina & May 'Ms Starlet' umbrella. That's right, people. You can address me as such from now on...

O-Check hot air balloon card in white. I've been meaning to buy one (or ten) for ages! 

Archie Grand notebook for my Mama, sold through Notemaker.

Delfonics cotton roll pen case for the super-talented Jamie Gaunt, one half of the MMs.

And a few of my favourite items...some of which are still available!!! Eep! These are on my wish-list:

Basil Bangs beach umbrella called Calypso...oooooo.

Dane Lovett artwork. This baby had a little red sticker on it almost instantly!

Hot pink super-stool by Greg Hatton.

Balloon print by Ellie Malin (can you tell I'm slightly obsessed with balloon travel?)


  1. Did you really buy a stool!?!?!?! HOT for the lady pad!

  2. No I wish! On my wish-list. And actually I preferred the lighter pink one...

  3. Fran! I have the pixel Basil Bangs umbrella and I love it!! And did you know that Ellie Malin was at my wedding??? Too funny! xo