Saturday, November 26, 2011


Good evening thinkers. Well, Melbourne's sunshine glory-days were but a memory today - instead there has been a constant, heavy sprinkle of rain.

And I have absolutely loved it. 

I've spent the day absolute favourite thing to do.

I baked a rhubarb and cinnamon tea cake.

I watched some episodes of the wonderful Man Shops Globe and fantasised about the day when Keith and I will be friends and go on shopping trips together.

And I've been blogsearching and researching. My bookmarks buttons have been severely overworked. The bonus being that you'll see the spoils of my researching in the coming days and weeks. Lots of new discoveries!

Tonight is full of red wine and jazz. A bubble bath and book eve. Or a late-movie-with-a-lover night.

Wear a full skirt or bow-tie and frolic my loves. Whether it's raining or smiling sunshine in your land.

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