Friday, October 11, 2013

Pier Crushing.

Lately I've been overcome with a dream to build a pier on the weir just a stumble down the road from my homeland.

I would ride my bike down, with a cushion and a book in its basket, and laze about with one foot dangling in the water.

I would walk along hand-in-hand with a friend and then cheekily push them off before diving in myself.

I would strap a kayak to the top of my car, mosey on down and carefully plop it in the water - jumping in for an afternoon glide.

I would pack a picnic basket with gooey cheeses, champagne and a sounddock and listen to Fleet 
Foxes at dusk.

I would, truly I would.

If I build it, will you come?


  1. Well, that settles that then! Pier me up! I am actually doing some serious investigating. It would be SO amazing!! x

  2. We have a little pier that leads to an island in the middle of our house dam.
    It is ancient and very unstable.
    You should have seen my girls' faces yesterday when a photographer asked them to skip over it.
    It was way too chilly for swimming.