Monday, January 21, 2013

Little Treasures: Made by Hand

I'm beyond excited to spread the news that the ever-lovely Pia Jane Bijkerk is about to release a new book, Little Treasures: Made by Hand.

Little Treasures features the beautiful array of handmade gifts Pia and her partner Romain received upon the birth of their first daughter, Laly, on Valentine's Day last year.

For the past six or so years, much of the internet has peeked in on Pia's magical blog-life regularly, from her adventures in Paris to her whimsical houseboat in Amsterdam. And it's now lovely to see her return to her Australian roots and embark on her new life as a mother in Sydney.

As well as being one of the original superbloggers (surely they'll get their own Vanity Fair cover one day?), Pia is also a dear friend and a ridiculously talented creative achiever.

This book is just gorgeous; the above video captures its spirit beautifully.

Now, here's the important bit: as Pia is self-publishing she is currently taking pre-orders through a Pozible campaign. It will only be published if she receives the target amount.

So hop to it and support an independent artist!

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