Monday, September 10, 2012

The Smokehouse.

It's Monday in Australia which means that some people (hopefully lots) are springing out of bed and heading off to their jobs, eager to take on the world. And of course there are also many people who are perhaps not so excited to be heading off to work. Perhaps they're a bit hungover, perhaps they hate their boss, didn't have a good sleep or are stuck in a soul-less job.

So I am perhaps a bit cruel to be sharing this on a Monday morning. I'm being far more friendly to those of you overseas who are able to watch this as a last little bit of inspiration on a Sunday eve.

My dear friend Rohan Anderson is a dreamer. But rather than just romanticising and wistfully dreaming of his ideal life he has worked his butt off to create it and live it.

It's not easy.

Ro chronicles his adventures hunting, fishing, foraging and growing his own food on his ridiculously popular blog, Whole Larder Love. And the best part is that he pulls no punches. He shares the crappy bits too.

One of the most exciting things he's done in the last few months was build a smokehouse for Smith Journal magazine. A step-by-step account is in Vol 4 of the mag (on sale today) and the amazing filmmakers at Commoner captured the build for you to watch here now!

Dream away.

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