Sunday, July 29, 2012


I've long been preoccupied with the heart. I am emotional, sensitive, creative. I feel things deeply and, often, physically. In my heart. I'm sure many of you are the same.

When discussing my work, people often ask me to describe my standard clientele (I work in PR/marketing/business development/management) and I will often end up saying 'people with a great story and heart-filled art forms or products'. The heart follows me around.

Yesterday the MMs and I went adventuring to the beach, on Victoria's Southern Peninsula to listen to some classical guitar and have a couple of vinos.

We visited a heart-filled town. I saw hearts everywhere, my favourite being on the flywire of the window in the little general store.

Since that moment the heart has been my constant for the past few days - in street names, on doors and windows, in text and conversations. I know, I know, the reason I'm seeing them is because I've all of a sudden started looking for them but it doesn't dilute the magic.

I was also reminded of Pia, who has made an artform out of chasing wandering hearts, you can read more about her project here.

This morning Little One and I went to the most glorious 2-hour yoga session. It was the perfect way to finish the weekend, and the perfect way to start a Sunday. Mid-way through the session our gorgeous instructor, Kate, asked us to put a hand on our hearts. I couldn't hear or feel my heartbeat. It was slightly alarming. So I got to thinking about the heart and my personal adventure from the day before.

Kate finished the session with the most beautiful speech. I wish I could remember word-for-word but alas. What I can remember were her final words:

"Listen to your heart. It always knows the way."

Goodnight, sweethearts.

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