Sunday, June 17, 2012


In April 2010 I left my familiar Australian surrounds and moved to the US with three suitcases and a bag of emotions.

Apart from a job (that involved lots of international travel) and a flat I'd found on Craigslist I had absolutely no idea what the future held. All I was following was a gut instinct, a feeling that I had to explore not just more of the world, but more of myself.

During my first week in Los Angeles I visited one of my favourite shops, Anthropologie, where I bought a copy of Gretchen Rubin's book The Happiness Project. It was really just the title that appealed to me. The concept of making my search for happiness a project was super-appealing to a strategy-nut like me.

So, I wrote a list. The bones of my own Happiness Project. It included things that already made me happy and things that I thought would make me happier. Big things and small things. Everything from learning how to cook proper Indian food from scratch to expanding my personal vinyl collection.

The past few weeks have been super busy what with life n stuff and general moving stress as I packed up my beloved ladypad. During the move I found the notebook in which I'd written my original happiness list. I'm pleased to say the page now includes a lot of ticks. Of course there are things I still want to do but I can tell you that I'm not just dipping my toe in the water, I'm currently launching myself into deep pond after pond. Butt naked. (Metaphorically speaking, don't make this creepy). My Happiness Project is a GO.

And it's been on my mind quite a bit lately because over the past few crazy weeks I've seen and heard so many other people describing their own happiness projects or searches (including this wonderful interview with muso Clare Bowditch). So it seems 2012 is the year to chase it.

So, what are you waiting for?

It's not easy, fark no. In fact, while these past two years have been my happiest they've also included some huge challenges. To be truly happy you have to really pull yourself apart and (regularly) make decisions that will disappoint and challenge other people. And that, as you know, isn't easy.

But golly gosh it's fun. Who's up for some skinny dipping?

(pic via Wilderness and Wonders)


  1. Great post Fran and love that u are revisiting your list after a few years! I regularly set goals for myself to challenge myself... But I know I need to do more too!

  2. Wonderful post - really like your points about pulling apart, facing up and launching in. 'Happiness' is not always a happy process! The way you set and meet your goals is always so inspiring. x

  3. I'm in the pursuit of happiness and I know everything that shines ain't always gold, I'll be fine once I get, yeah I'll be good.

  4. I've taken a big gamble on happiness this year. It wasn't the easy option, that's for sure but even though I am yet to reach happiness I do get moments of being content. You're a driven lady, you will at least complete your list. Whether that will actually result in happiness is yet to be determined.

    Most of it's just in your approach and how you react to life's little curve balls.

    And no I'm not going skinny dipping dude!

  5. Thanks everyone!! Lovely comments. And Mr or Ms Anonymous you're spot on, everything that shines ain't always gold but also remember that gold doesn't always shine :)

    Skinny dipping is rad! Embrace the nudity! Ha ha. I think it's also about NOT ever finishing your list. The process of just making lists is the key thing. I'm pretty haphazard and rarely set goals or make 5 year plans etc but I LOVE a good list. Just reminds me what I think is important and to ignore all the other crap the world keeps telling us should matter.