Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Almost Full Moon.

I've been feeling 'off' for days. Funky, grouchy, moody, bitchy, whiney, scatty - whatever you want to call it. Off. Then I looked up into the gorgeous night sky tonight and realised that it's a full moon. Well, officially it's tomorrow morning but it's close enough.

So, I'm going to blame my off-ness on the moon and try to get into tomorrow with a bright face.

Sometimes the world is hard. And I'm a wee bit tired of the world this week loves. But no doubt, next week I'll love it and want to kiss it and squeeze it and be tra-la-la-ing all over town.

My evening stroll with the folks post-dinner from Fitzroy to Collingwood helped my weary blood-pumper a tad however. I snapped this little beauty along the way.

Ok, world, let's have another round tomorrow. Sleep tight xo xo.

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