Saturday, July 30, 2011

Green B_E_E.

Strangely, I quite like doing the dishes. I find it meditative. But, even stranger perhaps, is my terrible habit of not being able to put them away very quickly once dried. I have actually left them there for days at times, just grabbing a knife or whatever when I needed it.

And, embarrassingly, sometimes I just put the wet newly-washed ones on top of those already dried.

Strange, right?

So, if you're like me and like to sing to yourself while doing the dishes then perhaps you're also like me and use green housecleaning products wherever possible...

And perhaps, unlike me, you haven't discovered the brilliant NZ brand B_E_E with their too-cute labels. You only have to use the tiniest bit of their stuff so even though it can be a bit pricier you'll get your money's worth.
Do you have any strange domestic habits?


  1. I put dripping dishes on dry ones too. I feel guilty about it for some reason, but I keep doing it.

    One domestic habit...I love, really love, putting clothes in the washing machine. Love sorting, love loading. But I hate pulling them out and putting them on the line. When I finally motivate myself to do it, it is fine, but I really struggle to get to that point. Odd.

  2. Ah ha ha. Perhaps these are Capricorn traits because I too struggle with the hanging out of washing! I usually try to combine it with listening to a new album or something!